Orientation Modules

More modules on legal and regulatory requirements and topics of interest for both Academic and Non-teaching staff

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Induction Programme for New Teachers & Faculty Development Day
  • • by Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning

  • • for Academic & Teaching Staff

24 August
12:00nn - 1:15pm
Digitalization and AI developments on Campus

The HKBU Digital Transformation session provides an overview of the university's adoption of emerging technologies across campus. It covers the interactive digital facade, immersive curriculum content, the smart campus Jockey Club Campus of Creativity, optimised communication/collaboration, ChatGPT applications, and outreach to IT organizations. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of HKBU's digital transformation strategies across campus to enable next-generation education.

  • • by Office of Information Technology

  • • for all Staff

24 August
1:30 - 3:00pm
Research Information Session: Everything You Need to Know about RO

This research information session will overview key HKBU resources including grant application procedures and internal funding opportunities; cross-disciplinary collaboration initiatives; channels for sharing achievements; a range of research support resources; and guidance on effectively utilizing our Integrated Research Information Management System (IRIMS). Participants will leave better equipped to leverage these programs, tools, and systems to advance research excellence at HKBU.

  • • by Research Office

  • • for Academic Staff

24 August
3:15 - 4:45pm
Handling of Psychological Crisis

This session will equip staff to handle student psychological crises. It covers recognizing mental health warning signs early, using screening tools to make initial risk assessments, and leveraging campus and external resources to get prompt professional assistance when needed. Participants will gain practical knowledge on identifying issues, evaluating severity, and connecting students to the right support resources. The session aims to build crisis response capabilities that contribute to a caring environment where students feel safe seeking help with psychological conditions.

  • • by Counselling and Development Centre, Office of Student Affairs

  • • for Student Facing Teaching & Non-teaching Staff

30 August
Promotion and Tenure

To assist staff members in preparing for tenure/promotion reviews

  • • by Human Resources Office

  • • for Academic Staff

4 October (Wed)
9:30 - 11:00am
Understanding and Prevention of Sexual Harassment on Campus

In this sexual harassment prevention session by the Equal Opportunities Commission, participants will gain an understanding of definitions, prohibited behaviours, and legal liabilities under the Sex Discrimination Ordinance. Most importantly, it will equip the University community with practical knowledge on actively preventing harassment through policies, procedures, awareness-building and cultural changes. Participants will enhance their capabilities to recognize inappropriate behaviours, understand consequences, and promote respect.

  • • by Equal Opportunities Commission

  • • for Student Facing Teaching & Non-teaching Staff

6 October (Fri)
2:30 - 5:30pm
Managing Complaints of Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace

This session will be organised by the Equal Opportunities Commission. These workshops aim to equip participants to promote workplace respect and address issues effectively. They will learn proactive strategies to build an inclusive culture through awareness, early intervention, and modelling respect. Participants will also learn complaint reporting procedures, investigations best practices, interim measures, and documentation standards in order to handle allegations sensitively. By gaining skills in both respectful culture-building and proper complaint handling, participants will be prepared to foster a safe, professional workplace environment.

  • • by the Equal Opportunities Commission

  • • for Staff who are handling complaints, preference will be given to Equal Opportunities Advisers & Committee on Staff Grievances

31 October (Tue)
9:30am - 5:30pm
Effective Skills on Mediation and Conflict Management

In this Mediation session organised by the Hong Kong Society of Professional Training, participants will learn how to face and handle conflicts and disputes, leading to improved relationships and enhanced work efficiency. The course will delve into the causes and development processes of conflicts and disputes, providing participants with practical techniques and strategies to quickly grasp and enhance their ability to handle various types of conflicts. The session aims to equip participants with the necessary skills to mediate and resolve conflicts successfully, fostering better outcomes and harmonious relationships.

  • • by the Hong Kong Society of Professional Training

  • • for Staff who are handling complaints, preference will be given to Equal Opportunities Advisers & Committee on Staff Grievances

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